Selecting extraordinary research paper topics on English language

May be the most overwhelming task of starting an English research paper is finding the right topic. This guide will give you 8 ideas on research paper topics for English linguistics.

English topic samples:

  1. The need for language by refugees.
  2. Ethnic forms of speech by second and third generation immigrants.
  3. How music changes the language of teenagers.
  4. Diversification of linguistics in small countryside towns.
  5. Identification and naming of foreigners and minority groups.
  6. Problems facing immigrants with different dialects and diglossia.
  7. Second language acquisition and gender issues.
  8. The styles of narratives in peer groups.

These topics are designed to enable you come up with the most ideal for your assignment. For the broad topics, narrow them down into specific area of focus. This will save you time as you get ready to begin your work. These re not the only areas you can focus on. Try others like politics, education, psychology, communication, trending events, economics, and more. The important thing is to pick something you want to learn more about. Also, consider more topic ideas like argumentative, policy, and persuasive speeches.

How to write English research paper

  • Getting started
    First, determine a worthwhile subject that fascinates you and base your project in a given location. You will need specific research questions and familiarize yourself with English literature.
  • The structure
    This is the standard structure of an English research topic:
    • Cover page
    • Table of contents
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Methodology
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusions
    • Appendices
    • References list
  • The objectives
    Your work should portray coherency in the discussions of the subject matter. Your texts should be objective and reliable. You have to let the reader see how knowledgeable you are in fundamental linguistic theories, claims, and facts. You will require relevant literature to achieve this. In your findings, be very specific, clear, and organized.
  • Writing style
    You must follow the guidelines and standards of academic English such as MLA, APA, and acceptable abbreviations. Your tense should be in the present mode as you maintain a precise language. Do not forget to double space you texts which should be in Times New Roman font. Consider page numbering, margins, indentation, and cite sources inside the texts as well as at the reference page.

Academic writing is a time – consuming task hence you need a subject that motivates you so that you stay on your toes throughout the entire process. The best thing you can do is to start a topic that is relevant to your own life.

Ready to get started?