Best Paces to Find an Example of Research Paper With Bibliography Composed Properly

Research is one of the most feared projects in a student’s academic life. Writing bibliography for research paper is compulsory but some scholars do not know the right places to find good information. Since the internet is so accessible, it becomes even more confusing because there will always be an answer for anything keyed into a search engine and one might be tempted to write the first information that comes up. Sometimes you might be lucky to find good sources but many times you will be stuck with irrelevant sites if you do not know good places. As a student you must understand how to assess an information source if you want to excel in research projects and get yourself cheap term papers.

Sometimes you might be required to give annotations in which case you need a list organized references which differ from conventional bibliography. In this case every source is followed by a short description which aims at:

  • Representing the conducted research
  • Giving literature review
  • Helping in thesis formulation
  • Describing interesting items on the topic
  • Offering examples of major sources

Research paper with annotated bibliography example in APA format

Eric, K. (1991). Hellen and dimed: Survival in the city. California: Jordan bolt and Company.

This non-fiction book of Eric tries to find out if someone can survive on minimum wage in the country. The author explains his financial struggles as he undertakes meager jobs like gardening, working as a waiter, cleaner, and as salesman. An expert Journalist, Eric, understands the drawbacks of her experimental research and the ethical connotations as reflected in his book. His project is current, comprehensive, and researched properly.

Best places to find organized bibliographies

Here is list of acceptable sources of references:

  1. Student thesis
  2. Scholarly books
  3. Online periodicals
  4. Scholarly periodicals
  5. Online research forums
  6. Acclaimed foreign translations
  7. Well-known magazines
  8. Government publications
  9. News media

When seeking reference, go for the original sources that give current information. There are some unacceptable sources which, if you use, your professor will definitely know you don’t understand college writing. Such sources are school textbooks, outdated sources, class notes, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Radio, and TV broadcasts. To be on the safe side, search for materials earlier enough and use the most consistent and acceptable referencing formats. You might wonder why textbooks and encyclopedias re not the best referencing sources. These materials are meant to introduce subjects to beginners, i.e. they help students get started. Since they are not the original sources of ideas, they shouldn’t be used for research.

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