In quest of a reliable research paper presentation template

If you are supposed to make an oral presentation of your research project PowerPoint becomes a useful tool for presenting your information. You need therefor to come up with an attention -grabbing outline. You don’t have to present the entire project but you should lay down the main points to convince your professor or audience. It is simple outline and not an entirety of the project.
There are 3 major steps for creating an outstanding research paper PowerPoint presentation outline.

  1. Develop a strong thesis statement
  2. Outline your paper’s argument
  3. Revise your work and find out how every paragraph supports your thesis

Characteristics of a good PowerPoint research paper outline

  • It grounds the writer
  • It keeps the audience on topic
  • Highlights all the major points
  • Slide structure
    Arrange your slide shows so that you present two of them per minute. Don’t forget to use point form rather than whole statements. For every slide, present up to 4 or 5 main ideas and show each one of them at a time. This maintains concentration of the audience so that they do not read what is ahead. Do not create distracting animations.
  • Fonts
    Make use of standard fonts like Times New Roman. 18 point font size is enough. You can apply different sizes to differentiate main and minor ideas. Smaller fonts can’t be read by the audience, hence they would lose focus. If necessary, use capital letters to emphasize but don’t use complex fonts.
  • Color
    The best color is that which contrasts the background to facilitate easy reading, for instance, dark font and white background. Color should show logic in your overall structure and emphasize some information occasionally. You must not use color for decorative purposes as it would be annoying and distracting. It is pointless to use different colors for different points.
  • Background
    It should be simple and attractive. Light background is better and it should be consistent throughout. Fussy backgrounds are not good.
  • Graphs
    Graphs are better than simple words or charts because they are more comprehensible than raw information. The audience is more likely to retain graphs in their mind than when tables are used.

If you don’t know how to cite a research paper in a PowerPoint presentation, seek guidance from your professor or writing experts at The general outline consists of an introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the introduction, greet the audience and give a brief background of what you ought to present. The body carries the whole project with the main points while the conclusion should wrap up everything nicely, thank the audience and give a chance for any questions.

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